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Cruising the Canaries

Scattered just off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands combine European sophistication with a superb African climate.

The Canaries

The Canaries or "Fortunate Isles" as they are known, boast all year-round sun, glorious beaches, spectacular scenery and some of the most vibrant resorts anywhere in Europe. By far the best way to see the Canary Islands, particularly those parts off the beaten track, is onboard a yacht enjoying the freedom and natural beauty.

The Canary Islands are the most beautiful mixture of different cultures, historical influences, people and inexplicable natural beauties in the world. Undisturbed miracles lie around every corner on all eight of its islands, creating a charming harmony of nature and warm local hospitality.

The islands' history is long and rich - it dates back all the way to Ancient Greece. It was even thought for a while that Plato's legendary Atlantis was one of the Canary Islands. Sailing around the Canaries will bring you closer to these historical mysteries.

Your Canary Islands Sailing Vacation

You will start your Canary Islands sailing vacation in Puerto Calero and its luxurious marina, which is well sheltered. This marina is a great place to wander and look at the fabulous boats and yachts that are ready to set sail. Many transatlantic sailing expeditions make a stop in Lanzarote's Puerto Calero. The waters around the island provide you with perfect sailing conditions and incredible sights - here you may see all forms of wildlife including dolphins, whales, turtles and even flying fish.

The Canary Islands have always been a stop on the transatlantic voyages because of the favorable trade winds - even the famous Christopher Columbus stopped here during his expedition to the New World.

This Spanish archipelago, a sailor's paradise, will form the backdrop to a memorable experience on board 'Explorer', with the exploration of unspoilt beauty and endless freedom that only sailing can provide.

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